Yutaka Fujita

藤田 裕
Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science
Tokyo Metropolitan University
1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0397, Japan
T E L: +81-42-677-1111 (ex 3348)
F A X: +81-42-677-2483
E-mail: y-fujita_AT_tmu.ac.jp (_AT_ → @)
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My Research

Cosmic-Ray Acceleration and Propagation

Cosmic-rays are thought to be accelerated supernova remnants. I study the acceleration at the shock of the remnants and the propagation of the cosmic-rays after they escape from the remnants. I also study star clusters where many stars explode as supernovae.

High Energy Phenomena in Clusters of Galaxies

Recent X-ray observations have unexpectedly been revealing that cluster cores have complicated X-ray structures, which imply dynamical motion of the hot gas. Moreover, X-ray spectra indicate that radiative cooling of the gas is suppressed by unknown heating mechanisms (the ‘cooling flow problem’). I am trying to solve this problem. I am also trying to reveal the origin of high-energy particles in clusters of galaxies.

Observational Cosmology and the Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies

Clusters of galaxies are the biggest objects in the universe, and thus we can expect that the nature of the clusters reflects the evolution of the universe. Considering this fact, I am trying to find out the cosmological parameters of the universe. Moreover, I study the formation epoch of clusters, the evolution of heavy elements in them, and the heating of intracluster gas.

The Environmental Effect on Galaxies in Clusters

The environment in clusters is much different from that outside clusters, because clusters are crowded with galaxies and are filled with hot intracluster medium. I study the evolution of galaxies in the cluster environment and compare it with that of galaxies outside the clusters. Then, I try to show the whole picture of galaxy evolution in the universe.

The Influence of Radio Galaxies on the Environment around Them

Radio galaxies are the galaxies which have strong radio emissions. (The source of the radio activities is often thought to be massive black holes.) Because they are intense, those activities can be thought to change the surrounding environment greatly. With radio and X-ray observations and with a theoretical study, I investigate the influence of radio galaxies on the environment of the universe.

To the foreign students who want to study with us

If you wish to study in the Master's or Doctoral (PhD) program, you need to pass the entrance examination. I cannot offer you any funding or letter of acceptance until you have passed the exam. On the other hand, postdocs do not have to take the exam.